11 July, 2017 16:47

[We are Loving the Support!!]

We are getting word from shoreside that there is interest in the updates from sea. We are honored and appreciate the support! We are just four regular dudes going for our dreams. It’s amazing to watch people be supportive of that. If we can inspire just one person to take that step towards their dream then it’s worth it.

Communication out here is limited, we don’t have internet so we can’t see comments on the updates but we can email. If you’re interested in asking a question that we can address through the blog updates, feel free to email brian_staygold@myiridium.net and we will do our best to answer them.

Today has been a relatively chill day. We did some battery maintenance and cleaning during a calmer period of the morning. Always work and cleaning to be done. Between sail configuration changes, cooking, standing watch, maintenance, cleaning; the day goes by quickly.

We haven’t seen another boat for three days. No whales or even birds out here. We are about 265 miles from land, just south of the Oregon/California border. In two days we should reach the same latitude as San Francisco and then head more west towards Honolulu.

The weather has been great, spirits are high, a toast was had crossing into California…we are on a roll.

Shoot us a question, like and share our posts! If you’re feeling really froggy, we have Stay Gold gear for sale on the website…check it out!

With love,

Brian, Chris, Willy and Beau