14 days and Counting

We are all exhausted. The past 24 hours has been busy. It started out last night with spaghetti night and then for dessert, a series of squalls running through which left us on our toes. After an evening sail configuration change in the rain and a squall, we went back to running straight 4 hours on 4 hours off with two on deck to make sure we could handle whatever came our way. This left everyone with a severe lack of sleep.

It seems like at night the weather picks up and that’s when things get a bit hairy. In the morning, it calms down and then picks up again in the afternoon.

The noise and motion of the boat is such that when we are making good progress the boat is rocking and loud – when we are not making good progress it’s easy and quiet – perfect time to nap. Oh the irony.

We woke up to a wet, humid boat. Always lots of fun. The rest of the day was filled with work. Willy and I got the engine started and charging the batteries but it only lasted for a few minutes then died on us. After troubleshooting we found it was a few dirty filters. I had two of the three spares on board but the most important one was taken off at some point and never put back on. Shame on me. The plan is to try to clean it out tomorrow and see if we can get it back to working.

Willy also re-enforced our backstay rig with a broken hydraulic cylinder I found in the recesses of the boat while searching for a fuel filter. He refurbished this old broken backstay adjuster and we put it on to attempt to tighten the temporary rig we have now. It totally worked! Willy for the win! He’s a never ending array of knowledge and surprises. Super happy to have him on board.

Beau is learning how to be a killer helmsman. He calculated that we have all spent about 84 straight hours at the helm. Won’t get that experience in a classroom. He does great though, locks in and gets it done!

By the time the evening comes we are all wiped out and napping or reading or standing watch. Not having an autopilot is a burden. As much as we will like to say we did it without one; I would NOT recommend doing this voyage without one unless you’re racing. I will be ripping ours out and sending it back to Raymarine for a replacement. We purchased it specifically for this passage.

Today marks 14 days on board. We are all ready to have more personal space, take a shower, eat a good meal. The mental aspect compounded by the lack of solid sleep is starting to wear on the team. But, the experience is still absolutely worth it.

Time for a nap…until then, Stay Gold and Crew

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  1. I was concerned when I couldn’t find an update yesterday – I wish I could go over with ur mom to greet u guys, and finally get to meet Ashley and ur babies – ur all my idols. as nuts as I am, I still don’t think i’d have the courage to take on that voyage.

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