14 July, 2017 11:25

[Still motoring…]

We are still caught in this bit of a high pressure area. Pulled the latest GRIB and it shows we are close to making it into wind. We are able to motorsail right now which is helping with fuel efficiency. Gotta love those diesel engines. On 10 gals of fuel we can run for 20 hours at 5 knots. Pretty good. We have a 4 cylinder 44 hp Westerbeke on board and she does a great job pushing us along. We have another 10 gallons of fuel on the rail for use, if needed.

We shouldn’t need it, by the time we get to the same a latitude as Santa Barbara we should be in the trades. I’ll be happy not to listen to the engine run anymore. My head, when I lay down in my rack, is 3 feet away from the engine. Glad I didn’t forget ear plugs.

Fifth day or so of clouds too. Nice cool balmy weather.

I think more cribbage is on the plan for tonight.