An Albatross Kind of Day

The weather has filled in and we are making an average of 7-8 knots directly towards Hawaii. The latest weather GRIB shows the conditions should remain…we just need the boat and crew to keep up! We’ve made 160 nautical miles in the last 33 hours. Not too impressive as we had a night with very light wind.

I think the most stressful part of being at sea so far away from anyone else is the total trust you develop in your fellow crew and the boat. The noises that the boat makes are totally normal, but they make your mind wander. So far things are holding up. Stay Gold is a solid boat and she will take good care of us.

Earlier today we spotted a few albatross; a sign of good luck and favor to the sailor. It’s believed that the albatross holds the heart of a sailor and they bring good omen. Let’s hope so!

No luck fishing so far; we have a tuna handline ran off the stern and are trolling a huge lure looking for a tuna or anything else that will take it. We did see some tuna fishing boats out this far. We called one over the VHF to chat and he said they had only 15 fish for the day.

Our Raymarine autohelm is out for the count…it was working after factory repairs but after we got through the Straits it started to malfunction. I haven’t been able to get it to work since. The selfsteering windvane is also a no-go; we can’t get it to cope with the conditions nor set up correctly so we’ve resigned to steering by hand for the remaining 2100 nautical miles. Not much else will make you a great helmsperson than driving a boat for 12 hours a day with quartering seas.

If conditions hold and we can continue the momentum we’ve developed we should make landfall in about 15 days. That said…a lot can happen between now and then.

Final thought from a conversation in the cockpit earlier today; if you ever want to discover the true nature of your character, climb a mountain or go to sea.

Until then, Stay Gold.

Captain Brian and Crew

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  1. Glad to hear you all on Stay Gold are well and Sailing strong… strength for you Brian and the crew! Keep us posted!

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