And we motor on…

Another day of motoring. It’s getting old. We have to shout to talk to someone four feet away. I don’t think I could realistically own a power boat. We all just want to turn the engine off and sail but the wind isn’t there yet. This time under motor has given us the opportunity to relax a bit, charge our batteries and catch up on reading. Beau finally picked John Adams by David Mccollough. I’m working through True Spirit by Jessica Watson (thoughtfully gifted to the ship’s library by Mark Watland during our send off – thank you!). Willy is reading Blood Meridian by Cormac Mccarthy and Chris is reading Adventures at Sea in the Great Age of Sail, edited by Captain Elliot Snow.

Rumor has it that tonight will be a crew dinner, tacos! We put all the fixings together, even have limes on board! Ashley made it work for us, she sneakily packed away some dehydrated taco filling…thanks babe!

Ashley is a big reason why we are here. She does so much to keep the family together, actually she does most of it. While I’m off playing boat, she’s working a full time job, running a business (, taking care of two small kids, getting a house ready to pack and move to Hawaii, being our unofficial PR Coordinator, getting cars ready to ship to Hawaii – she’s insanely busy. And through it all, she keeps her head on her shoulders and takes it all in stride. I can’t imagine how we would have gotten this expedition to where it is without her. There were multiple occasions where I was ready to quit, to sell the boat and give up. But, she pushed me on, gave me confidence, gave me the right thoughts to focus on and honestly, gave me the motivation I needed to push through the tough times. This project has encompassed our family for the past year and half. Not only were there countless hours working on the boat after work, but I picked up side hustles teaching sailing and shooting photography gigs to put extra income into the bank account to offset the costs of prepping the boat. The whole process is just too much to go into from a blog perspective, but rest assured, it has consumed our family in many ways. To see this dream realized is almost too good to believe. I’ve laid awake at night thinking what it will be like to sail in the middle of the ocean, with nothing around but the stars and the the sound of the waves to keep company – without Ashley and her tireless efforts, this endeavor would have never occurred. A debt I can never repay but I’ll spend the rest of my life trying.

The big debate as of late is our heading. Maybe because it’s the only thing that we can really fixate on, the thing that controls our destiny and short term future. We have some loose deadlines, for all of us, waiting on shore. We have business meetings and planes to catch…”real lives” to return to. Seems like it’s so far off but the course we drive dictates whether we make those next events. Right now, we are heading south in search of breeze, but that’s not making much way towards our final destination. Once this wind builds in, we can sail directly for Hawaii and start cranking off the miles.

We came across a pod of dolphins or whales earlier this afternoon, it was hard to tell. We thought they were Orcas at first but after they came closer they seemed like really big dolphins. Always a welcome sight to see a huge pod of whales in the same area as you. They didn’t come really close, but we took that as a great time to hop in the water in hopes of seeing them…by the time we got it all sorted out it was too late to see them swimming. Regardless, Willy and I went skinny dipping in the middle of the Pacific and took a bit of a bath. The water was pretty damn cold, probably around 60 degrees but it was so refreshing. Eight days without washing besides wet wipes makes for dirty dudes. The water out here is so blue, it’s such a perfect shade, it’s the same color as the iMessenger icon on your phone. It’s crystal clear and it feels like you can see all the way to the bottom of the ocean. I took a few minutes to scope out the bottom of Stay Gold, she’s clean and in good shape.

After a few games of cribbage with Willy it’s time for my watch. Spirits are high as we’re about to hit the trades and start cranking out the miles (Havana Club helped too!).

Until then…Stay Gold.