Can’t Beat a Seawater Bath

Friends and family. As I type this we are nearing the 600 mile mark to Diamond Head. We are making a bit slower speed today to favor a more preferred westerly course. With the wind directly out of the north east, it makes it hard to sail with efficiency to the south west. We tried the Twizzle Rig (twin headsails – no main) but that puts a lot of pressure on the forestay which stresses the backstay which is being held up with web strapping and other assorted bits and pieces of gear. There is certainly a concern that the backstay or forestay could fail so we are avoiding the Twizzle Rig for now. Unfortunately that means a bit slower speed to our destination.

Ashley sent me a digest of some of the recent comments on the Fb page. WOW. I am so honored that you are all following along on our adventure. Thank you for taking the time to write to us, it means the world. I had no idea, when I set out on this adventure over a year and half ago that so many people would want to follow along and be inspired by it. I’m beyond pleased that is the case and sincerely appreciate all of your support.

Overall, we are doing well out here. The wind and weather is fair and we are making good progress to Honolulu. During the day, the inside of the boat gets around 81 with 80% humidity, so the ocean breeze feels nice. We are all getting a bit antsy to get off the boat, get some downtime, a good shower, clean bed and a few brews (it’s the simple things in life, I tell ya!). The highlight of today, for me, was taking a bath with saltwater! Feels amazing not to have greasy hair.

We can tell we are getting closer to civilization. Early this morning we had a huge container ship overtake us on the starboard side at about 2 miles out. I hailed them on the VHF, mostly cause it’s fun to chat it up a bit and see what the deal is. Also to make sure they saw us and we weren’t in danger of a collision. After chatting a bit they altered course. They were headed to Hawaii as well and confirmed our weather sources were correct with regard to Fernanda. It’s nice to make a connection with other souls out here that aren’t on the same boat as us. Makes us feel like the vast ocean is just a bit smaller.

We’ve also seen a few aircraft flying overhead. Hard to tell what type, but they’re not commercial jets. First signs of civilization after venturing through 1500 miles of uninhabited badlands. This ocean is so huge, it really makes one feel insignificant.

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  1. I love see the voyage that you were taking and know that my father that pass away last year at 95 would be excited and proud of you all. Love me some Beau and his ship mates.
    Mama Joanz

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