Introductions & Improvements

Harken MKIV #2 Roller Furling Ready to be Installed

Aloha everyone! I purchased Stay Gold from Brian back in March of 2018. Some of you have met me through various mutual friends, however, many have not. I have lived here in Honolulu since returning from my PADI instructor development course in Mallorca, Spain in June of the same year.

The time in between has been quite tumultuous, to put it nicely. Brian passed away in a tragic accident just days prior to my return to Oahu. The technical dive school I was to attend to become a rebreather instructor closed, then the culinary school I was attending went bankrupt, the next culinary school shutdown due to COVID-19, etc. The pandemic brought tragedy six ways from Sunday for many. Fortunately, aside from Kapiolani Community College’s culinary program interruption, things went fairly well here, so far at least. This has shifted me to the University of Hawaii at Manoa’s College of Engineering, to further my studies as I await the end of the pandemic. There is still hope of starting a charter business, however, it is yet unknown how long the pandemic, and subsequent economic impacts, will take to fully abate in order to continue that pursuit. We will continue to use the time to explore the islands via hiking, SCUBA, and sail, as we count our blessings in what we have, in the here and now.

Lock-downs and travel restrictions made much needed time for boat maintenance and refits. The standing rigging has now been replaced in it’s entirety, with the addition of a Harken MKIV Unit #2 roller furling on the forestay. Many other improvements were completed in 2020 and will be shared here in the near future.

After a two month long battle trying to find an insurance company, to provide coverage for the old girl, she is now fully covered and ready to sail interisland. Friends, old and new, are all welcome here to join in on Stay Gold’s adventures, so come on out and join us for a sail!!


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