First Day at Sea

First day at sea! We made almost 120 miles, leaving Gig Harbor at 10:06am on July 6th and arriving at Seiku WA at about 1:30pm.

We haven’t sailed at all yet; for a sailing expedition this has been a testament to how many times we can fill the Diesel engine fuel tank with 5 gallon jerry cans in a pitching sea without getting fuel all over (not many).

We have all been a little seasick, a little cold, and very much tired. There is something about being at sea that makes you only focus on the priorities at the time: keeping the boat moving and keeping yourself moving.

It’s easy to forget to rest or drink or even eat, strange as it sounds. There are ALWAYS things that require attention on the boat so we are fixing small things here or there, or standing watch or resting. That’s basically the routine.

Spirits are high and we had a great afternoon in the wonder berg of Seiku WA to fill up on fuel, food and brews. We are going to round Cape Flattery tonight and begin our long haul south along the coast. Make sure to follow us on the tracker!

Stay Gold,

Captain Brian and Crew

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