Flying Fish! That’s Trade Wind Shit!

Happy Birthday Beau Beau!!! It’s a tradition, on ones birthday, at sea, to have to commit some heinous act of self disgrace to appease the gods of the deep. No need for them to feel as if we think of our “special day” more important than safe passage across these barren waters, their waters! It’s typically up to the Skipper what the punishment will be…but it should be humbling. We do have that Turtle that could use a good scrubbing…

Nevertheless, all you land lubbers should feel free to wish Beau Happy 33rd Birthday! Not a finer way to pass a birthday than LITERALLY in the middle of the Pacific. We are 1000 miles from Cape Flattery, 800 miles from LA, and 1300 miles from Hawaii. We are quite on our own out here. Well outside the USCG range to provide rescue, if we needed assistance it could possibly be airdropped but most likely it would come from a passing ship. Just a visual; we’ve seen three ships since July 7th. This voyage is just as much about preparation, seamanship and sailing as it is about self reliance.

The swells and winds are picking up to a spritely 20 with gusts to 25 knots. The weather was nice enough to stand my night watch barefoot with a light jacket on. We are solidly into the Trades.

We’ve made 70 miles in the last 9 hours. That’s quick for a 36′ boat. We are able to keep a layline for Hawaii. Boat and crew are holding up well. We are in good spirits and enjoying the ride. Didn’t get much sleep last night but Ryder will fill you guys in on why shortly.

The bioluminescence in the water last night was nothing short of magical. As the hull cut through the waves it would leave a trail of brightly shimmering creatures on the waters surface. You could look out from the boat, in the pitch black, and see the crests of the waves as they disrupted the water surface what would normally be white water glowed in the dark. It looked like something out of a children’s book; or another world even! So beautiful, it just reminds me how much there is to discover about the world we live in and how much of it is right in front of our eyes.

We’ve been visited by a few flying fish as well. We’ve passed orders to Skip to be on high alert. Time he did something useful.

Until then…Stay Gold

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  1. Happy birthday Beau from Jeff and Lindsey. Absolutely love the update and can relate with the sight of bioluminescent experience. Hope to be able to hear what heinous act you did for the gods of the deep!

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