Friendships Are The Best Ships

I woke up this morning, after taking a short nap after my 0400-0600 watch and went topside to check things out. It smelled like Hawaii…we are still 250 miles away, but the ocean looks and smells like the ocean near Hawaii.

And yes, the Pacific looks different depending on what latitude you’re on. Lots of different personalities.

It’s been hot the past few days. Today was gnarly. 88 degrees Fahrenheit with 85% humidity. Fortunately, no major sunburns or anything of that nature. Beau got a bit toasty on his back.

Our navigation calculations show us arriving around 8pm on July 26th. Trying to make it a bit faster, so we can come in during the day.

This is the last 48 hours of our epic journey. As much as we are all looking forward to getting a shower, good nights sleep, a couple brews and some time with family, it’ll be bittersweet to have it be over.

The days leading up to pulling into port are always filled with anticipation and longing for the simple pleasures we don’t get out here, but there is an adjustment to life on land just like an adjustment to life at sea. This has become our reality out here. We stand watch. We sleep. Eat. Fix the boat. Plan the passage then stand more watch. It’s simple. Now we are already in the process of mentally preparing for adjusting to life on land. Talks turn not to sea stories or other general bullshitting, but to what we are looking forward to doing, eating, drinking etc.

We are all subconsciously preparing to become temporary landlubbers again. Until the next adventure.

The current plan is to sail to the north shore of Molokai, transit west until we hit the Molokai Channel then head south west to Oahu and our rendezvous point with the tow vessel.

If you’re on the island of Oahu, you can see us transiting Molokai Channel on July 26th – probably around 4pm HST.

Thank you all for being a part of this awesome adventure with us!

Until then…Stay Gold

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  1. I have enjoyed following you “Stay Gold” kinda sad in a way but will be so Happy when you safely arrive at your destination. I have related this adventure to reading a good book and you hate to have it end.

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