Get a Postcard from Victoria Canada

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Postcard From Victoria Canada - Back
Postcard From Victoria Canada – Front
Postcard From Victoria Canada - Back
Postcard From Victoria Canada – Back

How do I get a postcard from Victoria Canada?

Team Stay Gold is racing in the Oregon Offshore International Yacht Race in May. When we make landfall in Victoria BC, after our long and arduous journey, we’ll write out a note and drop your card in the post along with a personalized tale from the high seas! Nothing like getting a sea-salt soaked postcard from a foreign land to know how much your favorite sailing crew loves you! Not only that but…

For every $5 donated, you’ll receive one entry into a drawing to win a Team Stay Gold Swag Bag worth about $200. There is no limit to how many entries you can get. Pretty rad huh?!

But really, why should you care?

Short answer; you’re helping a few regular guys realize their childhood dreams.

Long answer; it started with a Transpac delivery set for July 2017. About 9 months ago, I received word that my job would be transferring my family and I to Hawaii from Gig Harbor, WA. We had just brought Stay Gold home and knew that selling her wasn’t an option. Plus, it was a perfect reason to finally get to sail across the Pacific (that’s the dream part).

We decided to commit to delivering her from Gig Harbor to Honolulu in July of 2017. We made a plan, set aside a budget and started making preparations.

When the Oregon Offshore came along, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to test the boat and crew against the North Pacific in late spring – test our mettle, see if we had what it would take to fair 1000 miles from land in all directions. Now that we’ve committed to the Oregon Offshore race as part of the preparation for safely completing the Transpac delivery in July, we find ourselves so close to realizing our collective life-long dreams.

When it’s all said and done, we’ll be looking at about $15K total to get the boat to Hawaii. Through sponsorships, crew financial support, part-time jobs as a photographer and sailing instructor; we’ve been able to raise the majority of the funds.

We thought we’d offer a really fun opportunity for our friends and family to help us out a bit and, in return, get the chance to win some sweet Stay Gold sailing swag, a sharp postcard from far off, exotic lands and a smile in their soul knowing they’re doing something great for some sailors to take to the sea!

Ok, that’s cool…but show me the numbers!

Six Person Life Raft: $2000
Emergency Radio Position Indicator Beacon: $500
Satellite Phone + Minutes: $1K
First Aid Kit: $500
AutoHelm: $1500
Wind Vane Self Steering Kit: $600
Insurance: $1800
Ditch Kit: $500
Transient Moorage: $700
…the list goes on. And on. And on.

We couldn’t bring ourselves to start a GoFundMe page to ‘internet beg’ so we’re trying to earn money with a clear conscience while giving our friends and family the opportunity to have a bit of fun along with us and win some cool gear.

What are the Details of the Deal?

Donate $5 and get a postcard and one entry. Donate $10 and get a postcard and two entries and so on…you get the idea. When we make landfall in Victoria, we’ll make a drawing to see who wins the Crew Gear. Some people, through donation, have earned over 20 entries – now is not the time to be shy!

You can use the donate button below to make sure you get your postcard from Victoria Canada and help bring a smile to a few salty sailor’s faces!

More details…if you pick up a postcard by donating at least $5 and then share this page on Facebook and tag some friends – we’ll give you an extra entry for each friend you tag!

For instance, you donate $5 (one entry), share the post on Facebook (one more entry) then tag four of your friends (four more entries) that’s six entries total! Not bad…your chances are looking good. Make sure to tag the Stay Gold Facebook page so we can count your extra entries. (hint: click the Facebook logo; below and to the left, to share/tag!)



Suggested donation: $10
Please make sure to include your address and share to your Facebook page – the button is below!