Netflix and Chill

This past day has been quite interesting. I asked Chris if he was having fun earlier and he looked at me with a funny look on his face and said “this isn’t exactly watching Netflix and eating popcorn”.

I rephrased the question “Is this worth it so far?”.

He replied “Absolutely.”

He’s right though, this isn’t the traditional definition of fun. Taking a boat 2500 miles across an ocean isn’t Netflix and Chill. It’s work. But, not to sound trite, nothing good comes easy. So, we grind it out. We solve problems as they come.

We started today down two on the scoreboard; malfunctioning backstay and dead batteries. We ended today with a jerry rig on the backstay that should get us all the way to Honolulu and the engine running, charging the batteries. Back to even. Thank some smart scientist for solar panels.

There were conversations early this morning about how we could make our way to the coast to pull the boat in to get it fixed. We decided to rely upon ourselves and fix the issue. This is why we are out here. Regular guys “facing up”.

Speaking of regular guys. As I type this out on my iPhone I’m in the cockpit of Stay Gold with Beau, who has the helm. We are watching the sunset on a beautiful Pacific night and working our way to the Tropics (we have to steer by hand).

Beau is the definition of a regular guy. He’s a 5th grade school teacher from San Diego who loves adventure and travel more than most. He once spent 6 months in New Zealand with 10 of his friends just for fun. When I called him a year and a half ago to see if he was interested in this voyage he said “ahh man I’m not sure, I don’t really know how to sail or anything. Lemme think about and I’ll call you back”

Not even five minutes later he called me back to say “Hell yes. I’m in.” And he’s been true to his word. He took an ASA 101 class that I taught the other day and then hopped on the boat for Hawaii. He’s a natural at sailing and a great crew member.

I think what is most remarkable about Beau is how much of a team player he is. He started this adventure out of his element but wants to learn, doesn’t complain about anything and is a joy to be around. We are lucky to have him.

It’s about my time to take the helm. From the middle of the Pacific, with love…

Stay Gold and her crew.

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  1. You all are amazing men to take on such an great voyage! Be safe and Sail onward Stay Gold

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