Offshore Passage Checklist

TransPac 2017 Refit List

This is just the beginning. As we’ve begun the refit for crossing the Pacific, the list grows and grows.

  1. Install Raymarine EV-1 Tiller Pilot
  2. Fix masthead lights
  3. Fix port running light
  4. Christen with new name
  5. Upgrade insurance for passage
  6. Build OpenCPN Chart Plotter
  7. Fix head overboard pump
  8. Install spreader lights
  9. Upgrade berths
    1. Curtains
    2. Fans
    3. USB charging plugs
    4. Lee cloths
  10. Connect compass lights
  11. Install propane stove
  12. Install propane heater
  13. Install manual potable water foot pump
  14. Install iPad mount
  15. Install Delorme mount
  16. Install AC/DC inverter
  17. Build and Install a Hebridian Wind Vane
  18. Print charts from Seattle to Hawaii