CYCT Harbor Series #1 – Quartermaster Harbor 2017

Sailing Vessel Stay Gold
2017 Team Stay Gold Crew Photo

As is standard, Team Stay Gold left Gig Harbor very early in order to make the warning at 0955 for CYCT Tacoma’s Harbor Series #1 – Quartermaster Harbor race.

We left with four bottles of whisky, fifteen sandwiches, three cases of beer and thirteen souls on board. No one can say we don’t know how to have fun.

After grabbing a team photo at the public dock in Gig Harbor we charged towards the start line; near Dumas Point.

Luckily, or maybe not, the race was postponed for a few minutes “to let the wind build”. We might as well have postponed all day. I’m fairly sure the highest gust recorded was 4 knots.

No matter, we still know how to have fun on Team Stay Gold. With the wind nearly non-existent and the way sound carries over water, it was easy to hear other teams yelling and getting worked up over silly things like sails and lines and whatnot. We had plenty of time to contemplate these and other life conundrums while stuck in what were surely the Puget Sound doldrums – vast expanses of water smooth as a liquid ice skating rink.
One highlight of the day; we got ourselves a good, long look at Manzanita Point on Vashon Island. At least two hours worth, we even were able to see the same spots twice as the current went from slack to ebb and started pushing us back towards the start line. No matter; time for more whisky.

At the end of the day, with the rest of the fleet retiring, because I think the excuse was “there’s got to be something better on TV than this” we press on. Crossing the finish line in Quartermaster Harbor 30 minutes prior to the time limit is still finishing and by damn, Team Stay Gold doesn’t give up…no, no; we stay gold.

For our wherewithal, we were rewarded with a whale sighting off of Point Defiance on our way back to home port. Some things are just better seen in real life.


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